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Passport To Pimlico! - The New Musical "Martin Johnston superb as Arthur Pemberton." -
Liam Rudden - Entertainment Editor, Edinburgh Evening News

"In a strong cast, stand-out performances came from Martin Johnston as Arthur Pemberton, who did the impossible by making the Stanley Holloway role his own." -

"Stand-out performances, Martin Johnston, as Arthur Pemberton, effortlessly engaging audience members en route without ever dropping his character." -
Musical Theatre Review
It's A Wonderful Life
- The Musical
There's a wonderful comic turn from Martin Johnston as the evil Henry Potter  - Derbyshire Times

I particularly enjoyed the performances of Martin Johnston as the unpleasant, scheming Henry Potter, and his assistant Ross Mullan – who break into an amusing song and dance routine at an unexpected moment. Uxbridge Gazette

The highlight of the show for me was Martin Johnston as Henry Potter - Evening Echo Southend

Things start to go pear shaped when national financial circumstances flounder and, more particularly, when a nasty crippled rival banker, Henry Potter, played with great gusto by established opera singer Martin Johnston, lends fate a dirty hand. Southend Times
SpongeBob SquarePants
- The Musical
Mr Krabs' performance receives due applause from all

…….there were many amazed gasps from children as each actor appeared onstage in authentic costumes that were incredibly reminiscent of the animated series. Most notably Mr. Krabs (Martin Johnston) and his performance of ‘Kerching’, accompanied by glittering life-size dollar signs dancing and throwing money in the air, received due applause and cheers from impressed adults and awestruck kids.

Review: Su-Ann Chow-Seegoolam ng-magazine.com

Martin Johnston as Mr Krabs, owner of the Krusty Krab, gets the best musical number, with a fantastic Broadway-style routine about the mighty dollar, entitled Kerching!

Review: Michael Davies Whatsonstage.com - Midlands

So what are the highlights? There's a great moment when Mr Krabs (Martin Johnston) sings his "Ker-Ching" song,

Review: Justin Connolly Manchester Evening News
Annie - The Musical "Martin Johnston winningly revives US President Franklin Roosevelt, making it the show's juciest cameo"
Western Daily News 
Remember When...?
"Martin Johnston played the central role of the old man with sensitivity and accuracy...(he) had the characterisation spot on. He walked, spoke, laughed, cried and reacted in exactly the way you would expect of a proud, elderly man who has suffered a loss".
The Star (Essex)
Me and My Girl "The acting honours go to...Martin Johnston as family solicitor Parchester"
Western Daily News (Plymouth)
"Peter Duncan is brilliantly supported by Martin Johnston who brings a whole new dimension to the family solicitor".
Belfast Telegraph
"Johnston's all singing, all dancing solicitor is one character role that will never be bettered on the English Stage"
Belfast Daily
"Martin Johnston as family solicitor Herbert Parchester provided great comic back up".
Sunderland Star
Jekyll and Hyde "The star of the show was clearly the charismatic Martin Johnston" The Chad (Mansfield)
"Johnston's performance as the tortured Dr Jekyll is one that certainly leaves its mark with the audience"
Evening Telegraph (Coventry)
"The agonising switches from shy conscientious scientist to violent, sensual extrovert are vividly and brilliantly portrayed by Johnston"
The Stage
"Martin was brilliant".
Lincolnshire Standard
"With brilliant bravura he flips from Jekyll to Hyde and back using only his acting skills to convince us"
Gainsborough Standard